Brampton Heath Golf Centre

Driving Range

At Brampton Heath Golf Centre we provide quality facilities to allow genuine practice for both experienced and novice golfers.

The balls are constantly upgraded and replaced as soon as they wear and are the highest specification range ball currently on the market. The mats are never allowed to wear before being replaced and are housed on a base to minimise damage from impact both to equipment and your body joints.

Targets have been designed to simulate hitting into proper greens at 100 and 150 yards and the distances to all flags are marked in each bay. There are four options of tees to hit from to allow practice from drivers right through to short irons.

We are also proud to feature "6060golf" a new concept for improving your golf. The idea behind it is to improve all elements of your golf game, in fact it has been heralded as "playing 18 holes in an hour". For further details go to

Driving Range open times:
7am-9.30pm weekday
7am-9.00pm weekend

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