Brampton Heath Golf Centre

Brampton Heath Winter Series 1 2020/2021

Wednesday 14th October 2020, White & Red Tees, Brampton Heath

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Results Points Switch to Gross Points
1stColumb Harrington(4) Southfield Golf Club (Oxford City) 41
2ndRuud Mcallister(24) 41
3rdGary Duggan(11) 41
4thYen Pham(6) Shirley 40
5thDuncan Fay(16) 39
6thBrett Hutton(4) The Nottinghamshire 39
7thJack Brooks(-2) Mere Golf & Country Club 39
8thArjun Shah(4) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 38
9thSam Goodson(7) Northamptonshire County Golf Club 38
10thCraig Thomson(6) Abbey Hill Golf Club 38
11thNick Hutton(12) Sickleholme Golf Club 37
12thNick Michael Coleman(13) Kenilworth Golf Club 37
13thJ Lamond(5) Kenilworth Golf Club 37
14thVasilis Tsakakis(9) Kenilworth Golf Club 37
15thRoy Marsden(5) Buckingham Golf Club 37
16thGiorgio Forgione(0) Staverton Park Golf Club 36
17thMr Russell Rice(6) North Warwickshire 36
18thR Moon(7) Kenilworth Golf Club 36
18thStuart Nicholas(4) Cold Ashby Golf Club 36
20thKaye Mater(20) Southfield Golf Club (Oxford City) 36
21stAndy Redding(13) Wellingborough 36
22ndSteve Parkes(11) Marriott Forest of Arden G & CC Ltd 36
23rdDaniel Duggan(9) 35
24thNeil Miller(10) Kenilworth Golf Club 35
25thIan Hay(15) Hinckley Golf Club 35
26thJason Hy(5) Kingsthorpe Golf Club 34
27thPaul Taylor(10) 34
28thRyan Noakes(23) 34
29thADRIAN READING(9) Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire) Golf Club 34
30thT Murray(13) Kenilworth Golf Club 34
31stMatt Ginley(6) Tewkesbury Park Hotel Golf and Country Club 34
32ndChris Dunscombe (NAGS)(16) Collingtree Park Golf Club 33
33rdMick Forgione(PRO)(-2)  33
34thM Newbold(8) Kenilworth Golf Club 33
35thRodney John Pope(14) Humberstone Heights 33
36thTim Bull(10) Kenilworth Golf Club 33
37thRichard Knight(13) Buckingham Golf Club 33
38thJohn Brant(14) Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course 32
39thAakash Shah(5) Sandy Lodge 32
40thStephen Roy Eaves(5) Hinckley Golf Club 32
41stPeter Stanford(0) Buckingham Golf Club 32
42ndWilliam Parsons(8) Cotswold Hills Golf Club 31
43rdPaul Burbage(14) Cosby 31
44thAndrew Sewell(3) 31
45thMarcel Dalziel(6) Kenilworth Golf Club 31
46thPaul Reynolds(11) 31
47thNick Michael Coleman(11) Kenilworth Golf Club 31
48thMichael Forgione(3) Staverton Park Golf Club 31
49thGraham Hoult(9) Oxford 31
50thJohn O'Neill(17) 30
51stElaine Chappell(17) Lutterworth Golf Club 30
52ndA MOORE(8) Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire) Golf Club 30
53rdMalcolm Watt(14) Stowe Golf Club 30
54thWestley Woodhead(9) Kenilworth Golf Club 30
55thPaul Bennett(13) Stowe Golf Club 30
56thDavid Pepper(18) Cosby 30
57thRory Long(20) Lutterworth Golf Club 30
58thMick Jordan(12) Cosby 29
59thSimon Williams(0)  29
60thRobert Henbury(14) Kettering Golf Club 29
61stJohn Baugh(24) Cosby 29
62ndPaul Saunders(5) Wellingborough 29
63rdMick Roche(6) Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire) 29
64thSteven Goodacre(22) 29
65thLiam Sproul(12) Kenilworth Golf Club 29
66thJohn McGowan(13) Delapre Golf Club 28
67thMatt Gill(17) Menzies Welcombe Hotel & Golf Course 28
68thSteve Curley(16) Stowe Golf Club 28
68thRichie Dell(12) Buckingham Golf Club 28
70thJohn Close(5) Kenilworth Golf Club 28
71stDavid Aveyard(11) Northamptonshire County Golf Club 28
72ndNick Michael Coleman(7) Kenilworth Golf Club 28
73rdR Clayton(0) Cold Ashby Golf Club 28
74thGraham Smith(13) 28
75thRobert Wilkes(15) Kenilworth Golf Club 28
76thGary Mcallister(18) 27
77thKevin Beasley(7) Stowe Golf Club 27
78thLee Thorne(7) Buckingham Golf Club 27
79thMalcolm Pateman(13)  27
80thBarry Burroughs(11) Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire) 27
81stDavid Middleton(6) Lutterworth Golf Club 26
82ndLesley Pateman(36) Hinckley Golf Club 26
83rdGeoffrey Watt(10) Stowe Golf Club 26
84thChris Wallis(15) 26
85thIan Lawrence(18) 25
86thChris Denham(18) 25
86thWaraporn whitmore(18) West Midlands & Widney Manor 25
88thGiacomo Deieso(22) 25
89thBen Morriss(13) 24
90thMark Hedley(15) Wellingborough 24
91stAnesh Patel(10) Collingtree Park 24
92ndTony Stanford(14) Buckingham Golf Club 23
93rdKen Luckman(15) 23
94thAlonza Weekes(10) Wellingborough 23
95thMartin Cordiner(15) Kingsthorpe Golf Club 23
96thBen Curley(17) Stowe Golf Club 22
97thElizabeth McGowan(31) Delapre Golf Club 22
98thNick Michael Coleman(13) Kenilworth Golf Club 22
99thElliott Metcalfe(7) 22
100thCarl Woolley(8) Abbey Hill Golf Club 22
101stJohn Bradley(7) Stowe Golf Club 21
102ndMick Dorgan(9) Kenilworth Golf Club 20
103rdJohn Mullan(30) 18
104thWillie Knibbs(14) Stowe Golf Club 17
105thAndrew Pigram(11) Sherdons Golf Centre 16
DQAndrew Baker(9) Kettering Golf Club DQ NR
DQLee Turner(17) Kenilworth Golf Club DQ NR
DQJamie Cordiner(7) Kingsthorpe Golf Club DQ No card returned
WDDan Phillips (Pro)(0)  WD
WDMick Forgione(0)  WD

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