Brampton Heath Golf Centre

Brampton Heath Winter Series 6 2016/2017

Tuesday 7th March 2017, White & Red Tees, Brampton Heath

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Results Points Switch to Gross PointsCSS 72 / 72
1st Robert Henbury(14) Kettering Golf Club39
2nd YEN PHAM(5) Shirley Golf Club39
3rd Elliott Metcalfe(9)38
4th Ian Jameson(11) Glen Gorse Golf Club38
5th Michael Campbell(0) Kettering Golf Club37
6th David Pepper(15) Cosby Golf Club37
7th Ryan Seaman(12) Kingsthorpe Golf Club37
8th Roy Marsden(6) Buckingham Golf Club37
9th Michael Broster(9) Cosby Golf Club36
10th Chris SNAGS Knight(18) Whittlebury Park Golf & Country Club36
11th P Reeve(10) Market Harborough Golf Club36
12th D PORTER(16) Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire)36
13th Leighton Adams(14)36
14th Kevin Bassom(15)35
15th Alec Francis(3)35
16th Stephen Eaves(5) Hinckley Golf Club35
17th Jamie Scholey(8)35
18th Robert CHAMBERLAIN(12) Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire)35
19th A Elderton(9) Northamptonshire County Golf Club35
20th Irvin Gernon(16) Northampton Golf Club34
21st Dan Ashcroft(PRO)(0) 34
22nd Lee Thorne(8) Buckingham Golf Club34
23rd S Ashcroft(9) Kettering Golf Club34
24th David Sherman(24) Elstree Golf Club34
25th Christopher Pyne(18)34
26th Mick Jordan(14) Cosby Golf Club33
27th Stephen Field(5)33
28th Rob Mason(7) Buckingham Golf Club33
29th Stephen Simmonds(12)33
30th Ryan Grant(15)33
31st Keith Brown(13) Buckingham Golf Club33
32nd Michael Burrows(20)33
33rd Simon Clarke(10)32
34th Lee Bellham(15)32
35th Trevor WATTS(10) Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire)32
36th Darren Browne(19)32
37th Richard Lobb(11) Northamptonshire County Golf Club32
38th Steve Palmer(14) Nuneaton Golf Club32
39th Paul Taylor(14)31
40th Mark Richard Ellis(18) Kingsthorpe Golf Club31
41st Simon Bristow(15) Market Harborough Golf Club31
42nd John Norrey(13)31
43rd Steve Winder(12) Market Harborough Golf Club31
44th Ken Luckman(13)31
45th J Handyside(PRO)(0) Priors Hall Golf Club31
46th Kevin Adams(8) Merrist Wood Golf Club31
47th A Baker(11) Kettering Golf Club30
48th Earl Harrison(11) Market Harborough Golf Club30
49th K Lobb(5) Northamptonshire County Golf Club30
50th Paul Robins(6) Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire)30
51st Gary Mcallister(16)30
52nd Rodney Pope(10) Beedles Lake Golf Club30
53rd Kristyna Napoleaova(14)30
54th Terry Bates(14) Market Harborough Golf Club30
55th Simon Roberts(20) Buckingham Golf Club30
56th Kevin Beasley(9) Stowe Golf Club30
57th David Perrin(22)29
58th Stephen Fail(15) Northampton Golf Club29
59th Mick Carter(6) Market Harborough Golf Club29
60th David Turney(22) Whittlebury Park Golf & Country Club29
61st R Chown(23) Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire)29
62nd Mark Downs(11) Greetham Valley Golf Club29
63rd J Northern(3) Kettering Golf Club29
64th Simon Hunt(14) Northampton Golf Club29
65th Tony Daniels(18)29
66th ADRIAN READING(8) Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire)29
67th Malcolm Carter(18) Market Harborough Golf Club29
68th Richard Fisher(13) Market Harborough Golf Club29
69th P Daffern(7) Market Harborough Golf Club28
70th A. Carter(7) 28
71st John Baugh(19) Cosby Golf Club28
72nd Peter Wynn(10) Glen Gorse Golf Club28
73rd Trevor Kirby(27)27
74th B Watts(13) Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire)27
75th Clive Musgrave(9) Nuneaton Golf Club26
76th Peter Stanford(4) Buckingham Golf Club26
77th Alan Mooreland(11) Kettering Golf Club25
78th Robert CAMPLISSON(9) Delapre Golf Club25
79th John McGlone(13) Market Harborough Golf Club25
80th Malcolm (DC) Burgess(17) Whittlebury Park Golf & Country Club25
81st Mark Pybus(16) Whittlebury Park Golf & Country Club25
82nd M Waklin(6) 23
83rd C Twigger(12) Nuneaton Golf Club23
84th David Bainbridge(21) Whittlebury Park Golf & Country Club23
85th Chris Ward(20) Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire)22
86th Malcolm Riddle(15) Cosby Golf Club22
87th Bill Angus(10) Nuneaton Golf Club21
88th Brian Lennon(14)21
89th Peter Smith(20) Market Harborough Golf Club20
90th Ian Tarry(19) Northampton Golf Club19
91st Jason Hy(5) Kingsthorpe Golf Club18
92nd JOHN COLVILLE(16) Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire)18
93rd Ian Jarvis(18) Greetham Valley Golf Club16
94th Phil Weston(17) Market Harborough Golf Club14

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